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Many battery power autos were introduced in the late 1800's. Can you imagine if that technology would have advanced from then.,the oil companies had much to do with the suppression of those technologies.

I like the idea of electric cars. I also like the idea of a flying car that I can buy for $10,000 and can operate for $50 for every 5,000 miles it travels. The one little problem with that, is it's not realistic given today's technology and economy.
Tesla was a brilliant man. (I live in Colorado Springs so we are exposed to his genius) There is even a car named after him. It's even a very cool car. Then why aren't we all driving them? There are a number of answers. First is the cost of the car, which has a base sticker price of over $100,000. The second, is the range. I was just reading that you can buy an upgraded battery pack that will give you a range of 400 miles for an additional $29,000. Not realistic for most consumers. How many big commercial trucks are on the road? Is there a viable alternative for them as well?
I also hear that big oil is the evil culprit. That's just another fantasy card that some people like to play. The reason people use gas over electric is the cost. That's just the simple reality of it. Unlike the government, people have to live within their financial means.
People also blame this or that on why we don't/didn't develop wind or solar power further, when farms back in the 30's and 40's used Sterling wind generators for their power. The answer is cost, reliability, and availability. Electricity, provided by an electric company was, and is, a lot cheaper than any alternative. Just because a person doesn't like a fact, doesn't change it from being a fact.
Until someone can build an electric car that is comparable in price to a gas car, and that includes the price of maintenance and longevity, it simply won't be realistic. Remember that the replacement cost of batteries (which wear out) for a Tesla is about 30K.

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