One of the best shows is a severe thunderstorm in the late evening

Image for post One of the best shows is a severe thunderstorm in the late evening
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Yes. My dogs are always with me when im in my room. I have a sliding glass door. When a loud, active storm comes, they run to my mothers room.
They want no part of it.

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I don't like them, they scare me.

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We just had a terrible storm this afternoon and it's raining sideways as we speak. Coming from all directions.

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Yes....and it's still thundering....I would like to crawl under the bed.... but those dust bunnies have taken over. biggrin)

We got a good one last night at about 11 pm. It definately looked like someone was pissed off, but it was beautiful. Image in content

@StarzAbove We got that storm this afternoon.... and it's still raining hard.

I saw yours on the radar. Big one.
The one that hit here is already on the east coast.

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@Carla Dont be scared starz.;)

Thanks, I'll just be glad when it's over. I'm just glad I'm not out in it.

Yep! I love a down pour, too.

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That's what insurance is for. I lost a truck roof to hurricane hugo.

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Sounds like it.
We have had a few large branches fall on this roof over the years. No damage either.
Takes a pretty heavy tree to go through a roof. Cars are a different story.

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Yes I love it, loved it better when I lived with my parents, our house is up on a hill and had a good porch to stand on without getting wet. Now people only have decks not nearly as good as a real poarch.

It can be a great show, but if your city and your home can't take it very well without stress, it can be concerning. I'd rather not to have a big storm around here, because of the mess it can cause. 2 years ago, an unusually strong one knocked down a big tree that was on my street. And the streets where I live flood easily; depending on how strongly it rains, the water level can rise uncomfortably much, possibly causing damage to cars.

I have no experience with thunderstorms. A "storm" here means it rains steadily for a day or two, and maybe two to three hundred miles wide. We have wind storms in January. Thunder is something we hear about from other places.

We had also a winter storm damage some time ago, during winter; a beautiful "double-top" tree lost one top, and the roof of the house needed urgent repair.
The remaining side of the tree had to be felled, and no new tree was planted.


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