What's your favorite video game lately?

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I haven't played any recently. The last one I played was Subnautica and The Walking Dead Telltale some time ago. What I played I liked.
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TWD (WARNING-Mature content): YouTube video thumbnail

But I'm actually extremely excited for Life is Strange: Before the Storm.
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I haven't played one in about 30 years, but it was Asteroids at one time. :) Image in content Looking at it now, the graphics were pretty poor. Ha!

I'm still playing Skyrim, as outdated as I am.

Then again, Bethesda has nothing better to offer than silly card games, these days... And, since I'm a Linux user, I'm having my troubles in running the Windows games. Skyrim works perfectly fine, but GTA V doesn't like my wine or perhaps my penguin is actually an ugly duckling. Fallout: New Vegas works perfectly fine, but Fallout 4 gets stuck at the start screen. I'm merely glad I haven't got anything new to play in a couple of years... Even if my laptop has a native copy of W8.1 - that one stays as a game-free zone.

EDIT: Forgot to mention... It's only now that I have had the chance to play the DLCs... That's the main reason behind running with both the scissors and Skyrim, this time.

I've been playing fall out new vegas lately.

@lizardqueen I've been playing fall out new vegas lately.

It's a very entertaining game. Ironically, I spent few years off the Fallout wagon, since I was shocked by Bethesda's take on FO3, when it first came out. Since then, they changed the beginning of the game and when I finally got over my own ego (yes, that is possible once in a decade), I found it was a lovely experience. Even though the good old times never came back completely. Fallout and FO2 are still quite nice to play.

None. I don't play video games.

I never liked games pack man was fun once.

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