If you could go to mars would you go to mars?

27% Yes 60% No 13% Maybe 0% Other
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Mars is my favorite planet

@lizardqueen Mars is my favorite planet

Well, it's better than Earth, I give you that.

Unfortunately, that doesn't take much. I'd be more interested in visiting Proxima Centauri. I've heard the habitable systems over there are lovely this time of the local rotation.

No thanks, I will pass.

Nope, no shopping malls up there. lol

@StarzAbove Nope, no shopping malls up there. lol

I've found a nice plaza up there, although the 18 month bus trip might be a bit rough....

Image in content

@StarzAbove Do they have pizza? lol

Yes but the Mars pepperoni is extra hot lol. Also nobody uses the fire escape doors, they are just Earth safety legislation that hasn't translated well to Mars hehe smilie

No, but I might try Naples. Image in content It looks pretty cool!

Too hot in Mars. I will visit Jupiter.

@Sukiesnow Too hot in Mars. I will visit Jupiter.

I've heard the gravity there is kinda ferocious eek smilie although one of it's moons... Europa seems to be a good place for ice fishing :)

If it's better than the earth, I guess yes. If not, I'll stay where I am. Keeping with the demons I'm used to and all that.

Sofias avatar Sofia Maybe +5Reply

It would depend on if I was able to travel business class or economy. Sitting in a small seat with a kid kicking it from behind for a year and a half would drive me crazy eek smilie although the frequent flyer points would be aweseome

It's a long trip and what would I do once I got there. I'll wait for the video and do things here on Earth.

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