If you treat political parties as sports teams - meaning denying all flaws on your party and putting the blame always on the "opposition" - congratulations, you're an extremist, and with that, an embarrassment of your party.

I personally think this is pretty obvious, but since I still see people acting like this all around, I feel like I can be Captain Obvious for a few seconds and shine a little bit of reality around. Since these people are always the ones so proud of their party, I just think they should be aware they're actually ruining their's party reputation. There's a different between love/respect and obsession. One is perfectly okay and I think everyone should support it, the other is unhealthy and destructive. Choose well which one you think will help your country. Peace to you all**

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If someone wants to be an extremist, I guess they're free to be. But at least they should stop saying they love their country/party. For what I see the only thing they care is themselves and fuck everyone else that isn't exactly like them (being in body/mind/whatever). I mean... for the way we're going, dinosaurs will be making a come back real soon.
While dinosaurs are cool...
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I think it's a mix of both.

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If we treated them all like sports teams they would all be the "Black Sox". Ha! Image in content Image in content

@Will_Janitor If we treated them all like sports teams they would all be the "Black Sox". Ha!...

Lol xD

Just a side note - that's an 97 years old article.😲 Damn, even back then money was already our kryptonite.

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I agree with you Sofia. Both parties are at fault, and a lot of them take it to the extreme not understanding what true Liberals and Conservatives are all about.

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If the party principles are intending to hurt others, sure, oppose all you want, but that's not what the major two parties support. The extremists of each party, far-right and far-left, are the ones taking things too far and passing it as normal behaviour.

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Then the goal is to make those exceptions louder than the extremists, and normalise them again.

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Wow, the irony is just priceless.

You know what, I was actually going to bother to point your obvious attempts to pick up fights with other members by twisting what is happening in this post, but today I'm not in the mood to deal with political trolls, so just do me a favour and block me. If you don't block, it's okay, just say something and I'll block you. I wish you all the best. Goodbye.

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PS - You really don't understand a thing if you think I'm a liberal.

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I treat them like Hockey teams..
I never watch Hockey..

I vote and I don't worry about the useless drama, bickering and arguing in between..

It's never changed anyones mind.. It's never took a president out of office and it never will..

Vote and forget about it...or dial up the drama, doesn't matter one way or the other to me..

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