Was there an interest you had 10 years ago...something that no longer interests you?

Could be you lifted weights 10 or 15 years ago; now you no longer have the time or interest. Or playing the fiddle, weaving, skateboarding, baking, or macramé... Golf? Playing the stocks. Designing your own typeface... Writing that Romance Novel. Doing Puzzles? Etc.

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I had a second job working from home where I would write databases for small business to run their financial systems. Back then I had a partner and our own home so I had a good reason to work from home, but that has all gone now and I no longer have that interest nor the relaxed home environment to be able to concentrate on such things.

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Isnt being gothic kind of dark?

@Carla Isnt being gothic kind of dark?

Funny...I was going to say something similar about it being dark and black...