Ever considered getting your DNA tested? Or is your family tree already done?

Image for post **Ever considered getting your DNA tested?** //Or is your family tree already done?//
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My brother had ours tested a few years ago, apparently I thought I was from mostly british/irish ancestory but as it turns out I'm mostly scandinavian with a small percentage (14%) of Russian and Native American... how I got the last part isn't mentioned in the family tree.

Yes. No.

Yes. I had that done by ancestry.com. It's interesting, but how accurate it is I don't know. It would have been even more interesting had it gotten into more details, such as the amount of Neanderthal DNA I have.

Military has my DNA profile.

Apparently I'm close to being a human being.

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I think that's exactly what happens.

Im pretty comfortable with the knowledge i have.

Im with will regarding the validity of the testing.

I did it a few years back and have done a lot of work on my family tree. It's been fun and interesting.

It's easy to see that some family trees look like they don't have all that many branches.