Ever considered getting your DNA tested? Or is your family tree already done?

Image for post **Ever considered getting your DNA tested?** //Or is your family tree already done?//
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Yes. No.

Yes. I had that done by ancestry.com. It's interesting, but how accurate it is I don't know. It would have been even more interesting had it gotten into more details, such as the amount of Neanderthal DNA I have.

Military has my DNA profile.

Apparently I'm close to being a human being.

I thought about it and then I decided I'm just not that interested. In my cynical imagination I can just see some kid making up bullshit percentages and sending them out in the mail while he deposits my check in his bank. Ha!

Im pretty comfortable with the knowledge i have.

Im with will regarding the validity of the testing.

I did it a few years back and have done a lot of work on my family tree. It's been fun and interesting.

It's easy to see that some family trees look like they don't have all that many branches.

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