And this is what the world thinks of America since Trump became president, so sad, it didn't have to happen.

All Trump needed to do was stand up for America, say NO to Putin, and things would have been better. But it looks like Putin has Trump in his pocket for good!

Australian journalist Chris Uhlmann demolishes Trump after G20: 'biggest threat to the west'A savage opinion of Donald Trump’s presidency that went viral was delivered by one of Australia’s most seasoned political journalists, who is well known to v...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT3gVZS6Eq0
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Yes it is, and he's playing right into Putin's hands. Pathetic.

@StarzAbove Yes it is, and he's playing right into Putin's hands. Pathetic.

From what I saw from the G20 he's allowing china and russia to have more power than they should have. The video mentioned that too.

@StarzAbove Yes, it did, great piece of reporting by your fellow countryman.

To me, something like the G20 is the litmus test of a countries leader. They can get away with a lot, mine included when they are back home talking about domestic issues, but line them up with other world leaders to take their place and their ability to deal with the delicate power balance will highlight if they are better or worse than their predecessors.

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Exactly, he has no clout in the world now. He thinks everyone loves him, but in the UK, they say his approval rating is 11%. Even the Brits see him for what he is....FAKE!

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True, and Trump believe his cronies about how great he is. Today he's tweeting about Chelsea Clinton, but she didn't let him get away with it.... she put him in his place ASAP. lol

It is true Trump is unpopular in Britain- like everywhere else.I remain convinced he is a danger to the whole world.Little doubt he will not be coming to Britain because of the demonstrations that would take place.

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Exactly! How pathetic is that....

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