Your anger only serves to self-sabotage. Amirite?

Image for post **Your anger only serves to self-sabotage.** //Amirite?//
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I thought so, too at first... Then I thought...aren't FT's more likely to be Inspiring, happy thoughts...or deep in a positive manner? Well, this post kinda screams the negative results of self-rage.

What do you think?

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I see what you mean - I first thought of it - then I found that gif.

Sometimes anger helps me get that bolt loose that wouldn't turn under the hood of the car. I get pissed, call the bolt an S.O.B. with !@#$%!!, give it an angry crank and I'll be damned if that bolt doesn't come loose.

I agree. Anger permitted to vent, is anger taking control. Anger in control will manifest and breed other negative and self consuming attributes.

especially if one reacts on it, they most certainly will regret it

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