We each have the freedom to choose what we want to believe in, how we act, what we follow, what we agree with or don't agree with throughout our lives. This can be ideology, religion, culture, fashion, morals, etc. Should we, while exercising our freedoms, force others to conform to our choices or not?

This is an area of debate with a very large scope and I am inviting you to consider what I'm putting to you and create a meaningful discussion where we can explore together this topic of free will and the recognition of free will. Where do we as people fall short of this, provide examples, and why? It is something that is troubling me a lot lately as I read articles concerning developments in the USA where Muslims have established their own courts with their own laws. Where Muslims are using the American political systems and freedoms to oppress the freedoms of non Muslims by making demands that prevent others from enjoying their freedoms. Bearing in mind that Americans have lived their way for centuries and facing political and religious objections from the Muslim immigrants. I feel that since they have gone to America, that they ought to practice and follow their own faith and not interfere in how those of other religions or non religious people attend to their lives. I find it greatly oppressive and disrespectful towards the American people. I'm not American, but sympathise tremendously with them. Please share your thoughts as you see things. I'm not looking for simple yes sir no sir, but your thoughts freely shared. No labeling mind, this is not a hate fest, but an intellectual discussion.