You might know someone who wisecracks constantly. I'd like to understand that better...

This is a relative who does this and he has for years. Why? If we are speaking intently about some topic...he'll take a word and twist it's meaning in a wisecracky way...causing us to stop and faux chuckle - and derailing our convo momentarily... I have kind of gotten used to it...but I'd like to understand it... I have some ideas myself but I'd like to hear a word from the many Masters of Opinions...

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Sic transit Ford Transit.

Groucho Marx may have made people laugh years ago...but to have someone like him hanging about wisecracking ALL the time could get very annoying.

You'd like to understand the psychology of the smart-ass? I get into that mood regularly but not to the point of being annoying. Here is a negative view :http://guidetosomewhere.blogspo...smart-ass.html http://www.urbandictionary.com/...?term=smartass

I'm not sure, but I suspect they think they're being clever and funny.

I do that. I had a friend pull me off to the side and asked why I never took anything serious anymore. I spent more time turning everything in to a joke.

My response: Cause life didn't just slap me in the face that bitch punched me. I was always serious and my entire world fell apart. So now I ain't taking anything serious.


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