Have you ever had a paranormal experience? tell the story!

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Ghostly? No.

I experiment with stuff. The whole term; 'paranormal', is a bit misunderstood (here's a link to understand the prefix a bit better: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/para- ) and I don't see that much difference between stuff and other stuff. Telepathy is normal for me, but then again so is paramilitary.

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Physics only apply, if you believe in them.

If I ever get incarcerated, I will apply for the job of the warden. I've heard they get to eat oranges, whenever they choose to.

Here's something not paranormal. Well, one night after I was done with my math homework around 01:00 am, I went to bed. I never fell asleep easily. Then, I actually saw, in my half sleepy state, a shadowy figure, very human sized and focused to confirm that it's not the coat hanger or something, and I saw it walk out. Realising that it wasn't an object, I pulled the blanket over my head. I don't remember how I slept.

Well.. next morning, We find out we'd been robbed. My mom and dad's phones, money from my dad's wallet... I don't know if my belief would've changed the outcome of the robbery. He did not steal my phone.

So very many. Precognitive dreams, knowing women were pregnant, visions of things as they happened hundreds of miles , telepathic communication, Ouija experiences...

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