Fascism, nationalism, patriotism, fundamentalism, and zealotry have no place in civilized society.

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Yes, it's been corrupted and annexed for devious purposes.

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Check out how these far right scumbags manipulate people into hating each other? Nationalism and patriotism. Nothing positive about them at all.

I agree. I also suspect that this society is less than civilised.

want fascism look at antifa, nothing wrong with being patriotic, fundamental christians would be amazing, their would be no wars, (following the bible word for word) jesus said turn the other cheek, outr battle is NOT against flesh and blood, so i say bring back christian fundamentalism, you want zealotry? seriously look no further then democrats, they will stop at nothing to try and gain 100% control of power,

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When I stop seeing business being shut down because they where not given the right to choose. Then I might take your liberal argument a little more seriously

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there you have it, you refuse service because you disagree with liberals you are forced to shut down.

I used to think like you then i grew up, 90% of the things you say of christianity if not 100% is nothing but lies.

yes that is true founding fathers did make USA secualr but liberals have gotten power and have completely destroyed what the founding fathers had intended for the USA

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there you go a liberal news source for you. mind you all your liberal media is as much real news as fox,

and a company is allowed to refuse service to anyone for any reason, too bad you liberal communists can;t allow peopel that FREEDOM TO CHOOSE! i shoyuld not be forced to accept homosexuality just because you say so. PERIOD!

you want extremism? look NO FURTHER THEN LIBERALS and ANTIFA they are the real extremists today,

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good question, you tell me, im all for choice, I am for gays to choose a company that is willing to serve them as i am in support foa company to choose not to serve them, too bad you liberals are against choice when it comes to people who don't agree with your viewpoint

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