Do You Sharpen Your Knives?

I do - as a wood worker I needed to learn how to sharpen my tools, and the skill transfers easily to knives. Not many people in my sphere sharpen their knives though. They either replace them when dull or deal with dull knives.

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82% Yup - I sharpen my own knives 0% No - I take them to 'my guy' to do that 9% No! They can be sharpened? 9% Other
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Cant cook properly with a dull knife. Have one of those diamond sharpening rods. Use it every time i use a kitchen knife.
My ax and and maul i sharpen with my grinding wheel.
But...saw blades, i just replace.

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I can't stand a dull cook, when I knife.

I sharpen my Leatherman and garden tools using a sharpening stone. My wife sharpens the kitchen knives with some little gizmo.

Nothing worse than a dull knife Budwick. 乂º◡º乂

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It's no fun trying to slice a ripe tomato with a dull knife.

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Good to know!

My, you're looking good today!

If your knives have never been sharpened, get them done by a professional. Keep your knives in one of those wood blocks made for the purpose. Every time you take one out or put one back, slide it on the steel a few times. If you put a nick in a blade, then it needs to be sharpened again, and you should have a diamond whet for that. Here is what "sharp" means:

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Never even think about doing that. As long as they work I don´t think I need doing that.

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