Have you ever saved someone's life?

I performed the Heimlich maneuver once, in a restaurant. A woman was choking on pizza. It was quite a rush.

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Not that I know for sure, but I may have through my actions a few times. Nothing as dramatic as pulling someone from a burning building or car, or even using the Heimlich maneuver or CPR, though.
I've definitely saved the lives of some non-human animals...

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Do you happen to still have that soccer participation trophy? Shine it back up!

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Thanks for responding Trooper.

OK - I've seen three of you answer yes with nothing further to add. Now, maybe it's a modesty thing, or maybe a traumatic thing, but a little more detail might make the thread more interesting.

Yes, a baby choking on a biscuit and another baby choking on a large piece of ice.

I saw my high school principal twenty years after graduation. I decided there was nothing to gain by beating him to death, so I let him live. If it had been the assistant principal, I would not have been that easygoing.

No I haven´t but would help out as much as I could I was in a situation like that.

Yes...My cousin was choking.

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