Who had the biggest impact on the person you have become?

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Teachers and parents. God and Jesus.

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My mom and my maternal grandparents.

This may sound unusual but the most positive impact anyone has had on my life would be some WW2 American soldiers who's personal accounts I've read over the years. I know there are many of my own countrymen but none had written when I was 12 and looking for guidance and a reason to live and that's when by accident I became interested in military history. I found strength from the endless bullying I had at school through some who had described how they overcame their fears on the battlefield and put one foot after the other, when they felt there was no hope or no support... that was something that no adult in real life was able to provide or even understand.

I lost my fear of death one morning when I was sitting ... well hiding in the school library, hoping that the gang of older kids that had given me a regular beating on arrival to school which on this occasion was followed by a caning from the teacher for fighting, wouldn't find me. When the librarian approached me, i thought she was going to chastise me for hiding under the desks but instead and with a smile just said, the answer you're looking for is in these books. So i I started skimming through the closest books at random, the task feeling hopeless, but then by accident, I picked up a military history book that was written about D-Day. I have no idea what it was called but I opened the book and there was this short passage from a solider who was frozen with fear in a ditch and unable to move forward, with bullets flying over him and the battle raging all around, an officer walked up to him and seemed strangely calm given the dangers, the young soldier who was frozen in fear said to him, sir how do you go on? and the officer said words to the effect of, your problem is that you feel there is hope and while you feel there is hope, fear will hold you back. I am already dead so I move on with no feeling, no remorse.

This was like a turning point in my life. I already felt that way inside and was just looking for the next step which was came from these words. I was able to take back my life from the bullies. Their beatings no longer hurt me in fact, from this point as much as i detested fighting, I inflicted as much pain to them as I could before I was beaten back. Even when the teachers blamed me for being the instigator, it had no effect, I had lost all respect for them... for all adults in my world, yet I no longer was the victim, they tried but neither kids or adults had any power over me, I finally felt free... but it was those soldiers...they were the only ones that seem to understand, that gave me hope in a hopeless world.

Sorry for the long post but I feel I owe them a lot as they had the greatest positive impact on my life, even to this point.

My parents. No question.

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I'm glad you like it!

My father. I always resolved never to resemble him in any way.

My dad. Over a beer one time he told me he liked me as a person. He said you don't always like your kids when they are grown, you love them, however that does not mean you like them. I was proud he liked what I had become. He was a great man.

I would say my ex boyfriend.I grew a lot during the time we were together. he was my first boyfriend and got most of my first experiences with him. He tried to show my how a nice guy is supposed to treat me.

My parents.

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