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Wasn't it anarchists making all the trouble last week in Germany? No, we need some law and order.

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You have to be naive to be an anarchist because power abhors a vacuum. Getting rid of the power structure that exists won't lead to no power structure, it will simply lead to another power structure taking control. This has been proven again and again, look at Somalia, the government is basically nonexistent, but there's still a power structure, gangs run things now.

Anarchists' willingness to tear down the existing power structure makes them ideal useful idiots for those who wish to replace the existing power structure with their own. That's why you see anarchists and communists flocking together despite the obvious cognitive dissonance required for that alliance to exist. Anarcho-communism is just a way of selling a communist revolution to idiots.

Agreed. Only the young are naive enough to believe in anarchism. The idea that anarchy will lead to social equality and total liberty for all is laughable.

Within a week people would be brandishing a pig head on a stick.

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No young and dumb eventually get old and in charge. Nip that in the bud.