Know when to keep on trying and when to give up. Sometimes it's just better for yourself to let it go. Contrary to what many appear to think, admitting you reached your limits doesn't make you weak. Everyone has their limits. After all no matter how many amazing things we do and create, we're still humans and there's nothing wrong with that.

I know the whole "work/study/try harder and you'll do it. Never give up and you'll do it". I like that motivation, but at the same time, with all due respect, I'll call bullshit on that. That's giving false hopes to the people who won't be able to do it no matter how hard they try, and with that make them think there's something wrong with them, when in fact that's just how thing go. Not everyone is the same. Not everyone will have the same abilities. The idea that just because one did it, then everyone is capable of doing the same sometimes is just wishful thinking.

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There's no sense fighting a losing battle, it takes it's own kind of strength to realise when it's necessary to make a tactical retreat.

I agree. Everyone is different, everyone has limits. and everyone needs to find what makes them happy.

As you say, people shouldn't feel like it's wrong or weak to have limits.

So, yes, try and be the best you can be, and don't give up too easily on things. But people should have realistic expectations of themselves, and learn to be happy with that, with the understanding that it doesn't mean weakness or failure. At the same time, they should have realistic expectations of others, too.

Unfortunately, there are societies in which it's typical for people to have very high social expectations, and for parents to be extremely demanding of their children. Of course, I have nothing against parents having faith in their children's abilities and wanting them to succeed. But some people take that to the extreme.

@primeiro I agree. Everyone is different, everyone has limits. and everyone needs to find what makes them happy. As you say...

Yes to everything you said. I know parents like that. It can do a lot of damage to the kid, especially their self-esteem.

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High expectations can be prohibitive.

We all have limitations, sofia. Some just lie in different corners.
Pushing ourselves to them, though, is what makes us strong. Just have to learn when to stop.

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Some people know when to give up they just won't do it....thus, making their lives a total train wreck. Pathetic.

That's so true and not everyone is motivated to take it to the end. Some people don't have the strength or willpower to see it through, so they cut their losses and move on.

I like to think of it as waiting for a while until I can find or do whatever.

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The other one wasn't supposed to be posted. It was a start for this post. I have no clue how I published it.

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Completely sensible ;)

You're right, not everyone is the same..

The difference is, when accepting that you can't do something, you find something else you can do...nothing wrong with that.

Each person creates their own happiness and it's not always what other people think it should be for them.

Sometimes you have to think of what is best for you

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