People who wear hats are interesting. Amirite?

But NOT baseball caps...sorry.

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In what way?

@VicZinc In what way?

They are risk takers... They take a personal style and run with it...you have got to admire someone who wears a derby and makes it a part of their signature...and lifestyle....

Again...baseball caps excluded...

Some, yes.

For instance Slash and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Not really....well at least not to me that is. I have never looked at someone and said "wow, you wear a hat, I wanna know more about you".

Let me tell ya there was nothing interesting about the guy in the cowboy hat that followed me and my daughter around at Wal-Mart last night...in fact it was very creepy


Niggers With Hats are extremely interesting.

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And naturally...

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Yeppers. δΉ‚^β—‘^δΉ‚
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