Altered states: what is your view on anything that can alter your state of mind...

The allure of altered states: this can be alcohol, cannabis, glue, intense yoga and meditation...and really any major addiction (and btw yoga can be addictive) ...sex, baby powder...whichever can turn you on to another state... I am pro Altered States...and enjoy exploring myself in them...but hey...I am just pro FOR ME. I am not sure about you and the rest of you. Cities have enough trouble dealing with alcohol-related issues...do they really need more from kids who can't deal with cannabis?

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Better weed than alcohol.

I'm against anything that will alter my mind. I hate taking any pain pill for that very reason, I feel like a zombie, and I don't like that feeling. I want to know what's going on at all times, and I sure don't want to be stoned.

It's good if used properly. Even things like breath work, chanting, dancing, and drumming can produce altered states. Sometimes we need a fresh perspective.

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I don't smoke weed and I rarely drink. I don't care if other "adults" do it, as long as they are responsible when doing it and don't endanger others.
A good book can alter my state of mind.

Ultimately, everyone can choose how to treat their own body. Personally, I find it fascinating to see how different things change who I am temporarily so long as they don't pose a large health risk

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People are too involved in meaninglessness...

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