You've won the beauty pageant for your country. What would your speech be about...

Image for post **You've won the beauty pageant for your country.** //What would **your** speech be about...//
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It would be about the absurdities of beauty pageants...

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So...what would your speech be about?

How i expect to be waited on hand and foot..and when bringing me M&M's...
I want all the green ones removed.

Oh yea...and world peace...blah blah blah..

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I'd probably compliment them on being so progressive as to make a 42 year old man the winner of their beauty pageant. Then I'd probably chide them for falling so far out of touch with reality that they'd make a 42 year old man the winner of their beauty pageant.

@Sukiesnow So funny. Ha ha. So...what might your speech be about?

Thanks. That would probably be about it, then like, mic drop and walk off stage.

Pretty sure it would involve a speech about me going to Disneyland hehe smilie

Me obviously...乂^◡^乂

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A man of NO words... I like it.

I wouldn't enter a beauty pagent and if i did i sure as fuck wouldnt win

If I, a Tomboy, won a beauty pageant my speech would basically be about congratulating the world for finally recognizing non conventional female beauty and honoring those of us who aren't into long flowing hair and heavy makeup

Multiple personality amputee midget ex circus performers.