Have you ever taken a Polaroid?

92% Yes 8% No 0% Other
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7 10

Why, yes i have. Many I still have one the cameras that took them.:)

In 1979 I bought a button making machine and went to flea markets. I would take a picture of someone and put it on a button. I supported myself for one whole summer that way.

I remember the first Polaroids where you had to run a wet substance over the picture after you took it.

Lots of them, yes. I had a lot of fun with those cameras, and have many treasured photos that were taken with the ones I had. I think the one I still have works...

I had one of those.May still be lying around somewhere.Loved it.

Those were one of my favorite cameras


They never got popular in Finland. It's a lot like pagers - I've heard of a guy, who might have had one. We all had cell phones in the nineties.

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