An addictive personality. Do you think the mind-set leads to addiction, or does the addiction lead to the mind-set.

I got to thinking about people who have gone the grips of any addiction...does the addiction lead to their demise...or was it just the way they are...their mind-set..that ultimately leads to the addiction... While it's not easy to could more or less say: Where does the fault lie?

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I think any addiction could lead to a person's downfall, especially alcohol. Some won't admit they are alcoholic and down they go. But unless they really want to clean up their act, then there's nothing anyone can do for them.

I think anyone is capable of becoming addicted to something- even the strongest person if the right circumstances present themselves.

I do think some people have addictive personalities and can be prone to it while others are more tolerant to it.

Some find that they thought they were controlling it until it started to control them. Many experience that when starting off with alcohol, drugs and gambling.

Addition can lead to ones demise if they let it. You have to want to get away from your addiction. I won't lie, I still have days where I want a beer but what will it solve, nothing. My problems are still right there when I sober up.

Yesterday I went shopping and for the first time,I didn't end up in the beer aisle. While that might not seem much to some, it means a hellva lot for me.

My addiction almost cost me the world. Sadly everyone else addiction has cost me a lot too.


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