I love vodka because.

I don't really drink at all, yet I keep vodka in my pantry for so many reasons. No rubbing alcohol for me - vodka will work as well and is not a poison to me. I can pour a tablespoon into old food to keep it safe, I can rub it on bug bites, I just found out I can add a drop of mint and that fights cold sores better than drug store remedies. What can you do with vodka rather than drink it.

0% I do this with it 0% No distilled spirits because 100% Other
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I am a cheap person will do anything to save money, but I wouldn't take time to make vodka, easy enough to buy as much as I need, which is not much at all.

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I lived with a guy who made his own beer and mead, wonder if that is different? He would make apple cider too and freeze it so the really high alcohol stuff was separated and available in the center, I don;t drink beer at all the mead was good as was the cider sometimes.

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haven't heard of that drink in a long time. I remember getting one out for the first time, I hated it put in sugar and lots of things to make it better.

It loves me back. I'm merely taking a pause from my drinking, might as well carry on in a decade or so.

I knew it had other uses but never keep it in my home.

Great tips on its uses though. A couple I didn't know

My neighbor said it helps toothaches..
He poured half the bottle down his throat and felt better..

I don't drink alcohol and i don't think i'll ever buy it for cleaning or to use as medicine..

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