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If they truly believe something that's one thing, but when they are deliberately lying about another person on this site, when it's been proven just the opposite....they are liars and they know it.

That's when I have a problem with them.

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Ha, we usually do. lol


I think they do it for attention. The more outrageous the lie, the better the attention they receive. I'm with you on this. I can't stand being lied to.

Part of the game that a person who lies plays, is catch me if you can.

@Carla Part of the game that a person who lies plays, is catch me if you can.

lol Even when caught they lie. I think some people have lied so much in their lives they don't know the truth when it kicks them in the butt. It's just easier to lie than it is to fess up. Evidently they had no proper upbringing, or parents to teach them right from wrong...just saying.

@Carla Cant blame it on the parents. Trust me. I speak from experience.

I think some parents, not all parents.... believe everything their kids they grow up thinking they don't have to tell the truth...that's just my opinion.

I raised two boys, and if something sounded fishy, I would always get to the bottom of it. I never did catch them in a lie, but now that they are older, they jokingly tell me they never lied to me, just never told the whole Like one was driving around the school parking lot, that was the story. I later found out he was doing donuts in that parking lot. Ummm. He never did that again. lol

@StarzAbove lol Even when caught they lie. I think some people have lied so much in their lives they don't know the truth...

I have an EX. Girlfriend. She lied just to lie. When I would catch her, she would lie some more. I have a habit of being to honest. I can't stand to be lied to.

I am honestly not sure if it has happened to me here but I have had it plenty of times in RL. Heck I never know anything that is going on here anymore.I have been accused on more than one occasion of sleeping with my boss.

In fact last year there was a huge rumor going on at work that when I took off to take the kids to a state test that I was really meeting my boss who was also off. I was crushed because I had to hear so many jokes about it even from upper management. I didn't even know he was off. The jokes still continue today. Like..."Oh don't forget to wake him up in the morning".

After taking a step back and looking at the situation, I decided to stop getting upset and played in to the jokes. Once I did that it started dying down a bit. People did it to upset me...I decided not to give in to the satisfaction of letting them do it.

When it comes to hear one thing I am learning is to not let people behind a screen upset me, I know easier said that done and it still a work in progress.


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Honestly I don't think they care

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Or says we have him blocked when in fact he's too big of a coward to admit that he blocked us, or the other liar who is giving a false reason why I blocked him. The truth is he flipped me off because he couldn't win an argument.... and that's the truth....but the poor sissy baby can't stand it that a strong woman basically made him look like the fool that he is.

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If you have him, I probably do as well. I thought there was a rule against more than one account? lol I guess some can't get their point across with just one account, plus it gives them someone to talk to, because they sure don't have any friends on this site.

I know someone like that... it's toxic to be around such person. It's both infuriating and stressful and I don't need or want that kind of crap in my life.