Trump touts "Made In America, but yet his clothing is made in foreign countries. I guess his motto is "Do as I say, not do as I do."

Trump can make more money in other countries, but he wants other companies to make America. Also. Ivanka's clothes with her brand are made in foreign countries as well. This entire family is nothing but low down crooks.

Trump wants more 'Made in USA', but makes cloth...Trump wants to bring jobs back to the United States, yet much of the clothes that bear his name are made overseas. Follow Trump Signature Collection's global...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkO-aj2nnb4
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I get that business people want to maximize profit. But, making multi, multi millionaires of many at the cost of the labor force is why we cant compete. It's what they do.

We shouldnt allow the import of goods made by forced or child labor.

And...the potus shouldnt insist on companies making their products here or chastize consumers for buying foriegn made products. That train left before he got tickets.

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And so does Trump. And yet he can't see that he's doing anything wrong. He wants other companies to start making products in the USA, but he won't. He'd lose too much money. The greedy pig.

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Americans wont DO all the jobs. Or cant.


Yes he did. He's such a hypocrite.

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Of course not. They know what he's doing and how hypocritical he really is, but they voted for him, so they don't want to look foolish.

I've noticed none of them every say anything good about him or what he has accomplished. But some are still talking about Hillary, I find that hilarious. Too bad they can't move on and leave Hillary out of it, she lost, Trump is president they should be concentrating on him. But yet, they never applaud anything he has done.

Yes, I have to agree that Trump is hypocritical about this issue, and many others. I do not believe there is any immediate or simple solution to so much manufacturing being done in other countries, but his own long time condemnation of that looks pretty ridiculous, considering his own choice to do so.
I do not know if the "entire family" are nothing but low down crooks.

Yes. But maybe American designers won't design for him. Tom Ford...

@StarzAbove It's a matter of money not who designs for him.

True, too. But I have heard that Tom Ford did refuse to design for Donald.

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Warren isn't president. Trump is, big difference. Trump wants other companies to stay in the USA, but he won't nor will his family.....they would lose too much money. They day he makes his clothing, etc, in the USA, then we'll all be quiet about it....but it won't happen.

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lol Wise man. lol