Where do you never want to go again?


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I used to talk to a guy online that lived there and the way he described it sounded very bleak.

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That's what he said. I just had a look around there on google maps street view and there seems to be a lot of areas that seem deserted?

Blackpool, what in shithole. 乂^◡^乂

@ThePrinceofWales Yes-but nice trams..

HA! Yes admittedly the trams look rather nice.hehe smilie

Detroit, escaped getting mugged there one time.

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We were coming out of a museum, and noticed a black guy walking really close behind us. And then all of a sudden a cop had tackled him to the ground. He was getting ready to rob us or something, but the cop was watching him....thank God. We've never went back. lol

Any Middle East country. These days, that includes certain parts of the US.

I flew over Iraq when the oil wells were burning and day turned to night. Looking out the window everything was black but you could see all the little fires on the ground. It was like being in an apocalypse movie.

The west coast. Once was enough, beautiful but run by a bunch of nuts.

Too many tourists.

Oh, and pontiac, mi.
When i was young, it was a rough place to go. Havent been in 40 years or so. Dont miss it.

Dallas. Sorry, Dallas.

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whats wrong with texas?

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With the lane reason why you don't like Texas.

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So.... You were a Dynasty fan??? 乂^◡^乂


oh so your one of those "i'm white i should feel guilty for what white people did long before i was even born" type liberals, get over it. also about the slavery, YOU, I or anyone born in texas is NOT responsible, so stop, JUST STOP already!

there, the first valid argument you have made so far, hot and humid is miserable.
yeah come to canada roads are terrible anywhere you go,

I worked with people who lived in texas, they where not jerks at all. rather nice people.

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yes it is, "Then they gave part of their land to Oklahoma in order to become a slave state" (semple).
that is white guilt tripping pure and simple, your attacking texas today for what people who aren;t even alive anymore did. and when did texas steal any land from mexico? before anyone in texas today was born that is sure as hell. so how can you say your not doing the whole white guilt thing when it is 100% obvious you did do exactly that.

i would sooner visit Texas over liberal hell holes like California

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Yeah, semple....you are talking to air.
People choose to dismiss the fact that europeans, then americans were committing genocide, on this continent, not too many years before germany was practicing it.

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You are a persistant and peaceful person:).
I admire that....

Watts, South Los Angeles.

Archer City Texas, worst city in america

Las Vegas

Grade school.Some of the nuns were mean.

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Lol... may none of us have to see that happen - ever ;)

New York City; Tenton NJ; South Philadelphia; Atlanta GA; Oakland CA; Syracuse NY.

My mom's lady bits

@Wunderscore My mom's lady bits

((((((PooF)))))) Your wish has been granted.

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I've been through it a couple times, to and from "the falls" - I'd add that to my list, as well ;)

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school. but i have no way of ever getting to not go to school until i finish it (and summer break) so i’m trapped

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