What was your last dream about?

I do this periodically

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At night, I and my sister were waiting on someone (I don't know whom) by the road near our house when the car arrived and the lights blinded me. A some man caught me and he dragged me into the car and my sister ran away. That man took me to a some shed and then I woke up.

Someone opened the back hatch on an airplane flying over NJ and i felt the pressure of the air crushing my skull. Idk if that's what really happened but it was VERY unpleasant. Those who say you don't get feelings of pain in your dreams are completely wrong. It was bad enough to make me scream LAND THE PLANE LAND THE PLANE!! Then I had another dream I was in Manhattan watching cute guys and then some gangsters shot eachother down the block and I rand like a nut to the bus and it left with just my dad on it and I got all mad and scared but I took the train, then I was having a party in a hotel on a lake and the same cute boy was there and I took off his shirt but then I woke up

There's no way I can describe that on here hehe smilie

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It's too much fun for here smirk smilie

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I get stalked by someone trying to exorcise my naughty demons?hehe smilie and besides, all the surfer girls I was trapped on that island with were really nice once you got to know them here's a group photo biggrin smilie

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Great!, we mustn't tell the others hehe smilie

It's very vague..I remember a little girl telling me that another little girl once got left behind by her class. She starved to death in some sort of cellar or something..They never came back for her. Pretty creepy.

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