Vaccines for childhood diseases should be optional, not mandatory. Amirite?

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I disagree. Every child should be vaccinated....period. It's a parents duty to their children to take every precaution available to keep them safe....and vaccine is one of them.

Strongly disagree, this way you risk the outbreak of highly infectious and possibly lethal without treatment yet preventable diseases because you are believing idiots who spread misinformation about things they don't know. Your kids won't get autism from a meningitis vaccine but they will most likely die from meningitis if they get infected.

The more sensational media coverage vaccinations get, the more hysterical people get about them for no reason. Obviously, if people want to put their offspring at risk of catching the wonderful rash-dot-fever, let them go for it. Some people earn their living by putting their heads inside the mouths of lions as well, so living dangerously is always optional.

diseases like polio have been almost erradicated, cervical cancer will likewise, too. The common cold, cancer, aids would hopefully be as rare as polio some day due to vaccines. It's for the larger good.

If the kids are going to be in a public school, they should be mandatory. If you home school, it could be optional. I also think if kids are traveling internationally, they should have the mandatory vaccines.


Vaccines are a public, not a private, health issue.

What about ADD and ADHD? The disorder is not diagnosed by a doctor, treatment is demanded by a teacher and enforced by the school's refusal to let the boy (almost always a boy) return to class until he is drugged to the point that the teacher will tolerate him. To any untrained eye, the kid is just acting like a kid, but it has a name and the medication becomes a matter of authority.

What if the government decided that you needed a drug to make you a more easily controlled citizen? That is exactly the situation with little boys, and if the citizens put up with such treatment, you can be sure there will be a lot more of it.

The question here is whether it is permissible to question the competence of your rulers. Allowing "required vaccines" means not allowing challenges to authority.

Children entering school, all, should have the MMR vaccine. As they get older there should be more flexibility on the vaccines. Anyone coming here from another country should be mandated to have the vaccines. Measles are making an resurgence. Disneyland had a breakout a year or so ago and now it has shown up at a beach in New Hampshire.

Just because something is a good idea, that does not mean it should be a law.

No everyone needs to get the shots so everyone is safe. Just one selfish family can infect hundreds.