Sex education should be taught at home, not by the school system, Amirite?

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I think it's like any subject, it depends on the quality and accuracy of the school system vs the knowledge of at least one of the parents. But as it happened, my parents were no more qualified to explain how a baby was made than a cab driver is in explaining his vehicles mechanics, so I was very appreciative in having sex education classes to educate me on a number of misconceptions which i was able to share with my parents. On the other hand if your parent was say a gynecologist, they probably should be educating the teachers and running the class.

@OzSurfer I think it's like any subject, it depends on the quality and accuracy of the school system vs the knowledge of at...

I saw my parents having sex, when I was about ten years old. I found that quite educational. Over here, during the Eighties, sex education in the elementary school was clinical and styled "there's your penis, there's your vagina, they get together, ejaculation, sperm, egg, miracle of life, the test is next Friday." I'm glad I heard, what I needed to, from the older boys around the corner.

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Will, I agree that many parents don't do well with teaching their kids about sex, but kids do get a large sense of their morality from home. Kids are always going to learn about sex and it's going to happen, even if nothing is said about it in a school or at home. (I think we are living proof of that) From some of the things put out these days, you'd think that people were all ignorant about sex for the past few thousand years. I'll go out on a limb here and say that my ancestors a thousand years ago, knew where babies came from and how they were made. :)

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I agree Will. The problem I have with schools today, is their idea of "sound knowledge".

Well sure, but not many kids want to hear what a naked man and a naked woman do in private from their parents.

Either way, can we at least wait until they're out of pre-school?

I agree with teaching the biology of sex in schools. I don't agree with teachers or schools imposing their own beliefs on what is right or wrong, normal or abnormal, permissive or not permissive, when it comes to sex.

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Sex and relationships are complicated enough with out throwing in politics. We all know that politicians are well versed in screwing people in a million different ways.

Knowledge is power. If you want young people to make good decisions, you have to give them good information. As a human being living on earth, it's important to have a good understanding of the biological aspect of sex, because it's a fundamental part of the human condition. But I believe it's also important to have a good understanding of the moral aspect of sex, because sex is a powerful thing that can have huge life consequences, and just because you understand the biology of sex doesn't mean you appreciate the entirety of the situation. Bottom line though, ignorance is not an advantage in life, sex ed is important.

"fools die for want of wisdom" Proverbs 10:21

Very true when it comes to sex, no?

I think morality should be taught at home.

I have no problem with sex ed, the biology of human sexuality, being taught in school.

agreed, sex, teen abortion, std's all went through the roof since sex ed in school

Should be but parents won't even take the time to have a meal with their kids let alone talk to them about sex. At my school we got body education nothing about sex, my parents never told me anything cause I lived next to a farm those bulls always showing off or jumping on their herd of cows. Also my mom raised popodles and scotties at times doggies needed to be held so I saw it all my life.

Put the Bible down !!!
Sex education is just that. "Education" and as such should be taught by educators with training and knowledge on the subject.
Most don't learn about sex at home anyway. They learn about it on the street corner and the playground.

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