The following is declared to be protected by copyright. I will be posting my musings, and theories here. Consider the possibility that Fire breathing Dragons may have existed in the past. First consider how many cultures from different parts of the world have descriptions of the same type of animal, especially at a time when global communication was rare, and very limited. Asians, English, Greek and other cultures depict them. Greek religious icons depict in picture (St George). Fire 'breathing' is a possibility. Consider Fire Ants. They produce formic acid, and their bites burn (like fire). Since there is a current example of a creature producing 'fire', why couldn't there have been a past creature that could have done likewise.

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Hey there... I you got an AV more ppl would go on your posts... Just sayin'

I think it's a bit of a jump to consider fire ants as an example of fire breathing creatures, but let your imagination run. You do make a good point about so many old cultures talking about the same thing. :)

I think the same thing. There must have been something like that;. Or could they have seen dinosaur skeletons after a fire? I wish there was an answer, it really interests me .

Is it the fire breathing dragons you are copyrighting or the words you are writing about them? I apologise for the confusion, but, as you may well be able to tell, because I am telling you, I am in a state of confusion surrounding this whole issue. If you could clarify this expediently so that we can then move on toward the thrust of the monologue that would be great :)

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