If you Discovered Free Energy?

Let's say you stumble across an old text that contained a method to produce energy at no cost
Would you keep it to yourself in order to acquire massive wealth or gift it to the world for the benefit of mankind?

9% Get Rich 55% Gift it to the world 36% Other
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What Bozette and Will said.

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I'd definitely give it for free, but I'd want to get economic advice because ending the oil, coal and nuclear power industry would change the economy and end a lot of jobs. It could also cause an economic boom with all the extra money households would save from not spending on electricity and gasoline, so the loss of jobs in the fossil fuel industries should be made up in other industries, but I'd want to help fund the transition so nobody was left unemployed over it.

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Where? I certainly don't.

I'd be shut down and murdered because people who make money would run out of money and they cant have some idiot ruin their money dream.

I'd take $2 billion to provide it for free to the United States. The rest of the world would have to pay in order to give the U.S. the financial upper hand over the rest of the world. $2 billion is a drop in the bucket when it comes to energy.

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My answer doesn't account for that. I'd have to risk it, our military would certainly be very interested.

Keep it for myself, until i found free cable..

It has already been discovered. It works, but it's not reliable enough for a commercial product.

FWIW "Free" means not associated with any fuel. Not free of cost.