...you turn left off the elevator and see 2 long corridors. You immediately take the one in the wrong direction.

You're visiting someone in the hospital: go down this hall...take your next right...go down until you see stairs...then go down that hall until you see...elevators...take them to the 9th floor... Or you could be visiting someone in a hi-rise condo...where there can be 4 hallways to greet you...

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Oh my gosh, you've been following me around. lol I never know my way around in a hospital....

I have no sense of direction inside buildings. Everyday at work I walk the wrong direction from the elevator redface smilie

I got so drunk once I forgot to get my cat spayed, not that it is particularly relevant just right now, but then, I thought it better to forewarn you all and this seemed as good a place as any :)

Given a 50/50 chance I'm wrong 85% of the time.

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