My Disillusionment with humanity has hit an all time high this year. We've been seeing the same crap on a loop in the news every month with different minor details. Everyone is so predictable now yet we all pretend we're so revolutionary. Whoever writes the script of reality is out of ideas and it's jumped the shark long ago.

Another cop murders an innocent, then goes free in the name of "Blue lives matter". Another crap healthcare plan rejected. Another powerful man takes advantage of women in lesser positions, another shooting somewhere public, The Rich are still getting richer and the poor are still staying where we are. Gas prices go way up, then they go down a bit and the gas companies act like they're doing us a big favor. More Nuclear plants close, another popular product explodes, another car fails inspections, another aging celebrity dies, another iconic company goes out of business. Another celebrity arrested for something weird, and another TV show thinks it's pushing boundaries and it isn't. Then they have some weird guy come on after the news and rant and rave about minor things nobody cares about like the doorknobs in Manhattan are too weird shaped.

Life is a script written by a piss poor author who's completely out of ideas.