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"There are no secrets, except the secrets that keep themselves."

  • George Bernard Shaw

I have no sympathy whatsoever for our enemies being held there.

@JerryHendrickson I have no sympathy whatsoever for our enemies being held there.

America is punishing the innocent while the real culprits roam around free! And u will nvr understand unless u go through dat ordeal!

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The same can be said for prisons and jails but we need them or the bad guys would wreak havok.

Well, once you land on the list - which has been known to happen accidentally much more often than the public might suspect (partly because no official information has been given, not even based on Freedom of Information requests, or the figures have been heavily edited out from the documents) - you are pretty much screwed.

Guantanamo Bay isn't even that important, in the big picture. The nearest CIA black site is located in Estonia, so it's not like we are any safer at this side of the pond either. Hell, I might get extracted based on this message alone. If that happens, I want my milk and cookies. More useful than any supposed legal aid at that point.

Typically Prisoners of War remain as prisoners until the conflict ends. Feeling sorry for our enemies caught while actively fighting against our own troops does not qualify them for early release.

Each criminal must be punished as needed

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