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It's just a matter of time, and Trump knows it, that's all he thinks about....this morning at 3 a.m. he started tweeting about the

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...the only problem Trump isn't governing anyone. He's just sitting in the chair tweeting to his blind followers, who refuse to face the facts that he is a con man and has them conned big time.


I love that quote

Ha ha... I call him Donald since that is least respectful... Remember they called Hillary...hillary ALL the time...

And you can make rhymes with it:
Don the spawn...
Don the Juan...

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lol I'm sure some of his supporters are feeling exactly that way. lol And they won't be getting anything else either. lol

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I think some or lots of them are very disappointed in him, with a 36% approval rating that says it all. I'm sure they are very disappointed but haven't the guts to admit it. And some are deflecting whenever the truth comes out about Trump, and start talking about Hillary. Hillary lost, Trump won, we're all OK with it and move on, but not the Trumpsters....they can't say anything good about Trump so they go after Hillary again. I'm sure she's laughing her head off.

Trump and his Trumpsters can't get Hillary out of their mind. lol

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They always go back to Obama, because they can't brag on Trump because he hasn't done anything, hasn't accomplished one thing of importance.

Even the Carrier deal was a flop. They are not sending 300 more jobs to Mexico and more to go. Trump didn't do one thing to save the jobs, it was nothing but a photo op.

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That's for darn sure. I've noticed some just can't face the facts that's why they are so bitter and angry on this site. lol lol

I'm not sure about the President himself, but Donald Trump Jr. and others may be in need of a pardon. Setting up a meeting between members of Trump's campaign team and Russian after you were told "This is obviously very high level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump - helped along by Aras and Emin" sounds like collusion to me.

I have trouble believing anyone who says this was a harmless meeting. Russia has been our main adversary for the past 75 years!

He can resign and have Pence pardon them, and him. IF there is any wrong doing, I'm not sure if Pence will do that, but it's the only way I know of.

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That's not going to happen as long as Trump is president. It's a wonder he hasn't broken his arm from patting himself on the back.