Why are Opinions more important than Questions on Amirite?

Is it a throwback to the olden days...when all Amirite had was Opinions? Right now Opinions get more time on JUSTIN...which makes them more important.

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I think it is a 'glitch' in a sense.

It does go back to the old days before questions. A lot of the functionality here, like counting votes, scoring for HOF, even the stats of how many posts come in on a particular day seem only to count "opinions" and not "questions" or "thoughts".

Thoughts section came first, and got some special functions built into the system (like authors and tracking how many thoughts each member submits) but that type of back-office functioning didn't seem to happen for the questions section.

In fact when questions first came on the scene they were intended as "Brain Teasers." Almost all of the early questions where riddles, with little discussion - just people guessing at the answers. The sections is still officially known as 'Brain Teasers' not 'questions'.

Later the idea of using the 'questions' section as a substitute for what many newer members called 'polls' became very popular. So now brain teasers are actually poll-like questions and they generate a lot of discussion, but the back-office processing for those posts was never fully implemented, in my opinion.

I dont have the justin feature. I have...new opinions, and..new questions.
So, i dont see a difference.

I think many of the questions asked, the person who asks, already knows the answer they like. They just want validation.

They are both important to me, I check both of them most days.

IDK. It seems like most posts end up in both questions and opinions.

I think this was a pointless one.

Contradicting that, I just pointed it out. I hate it, when the logic shoots itself.

Because every opinion matters...amirite?

Honestly a lot of the questions annoy me. "Do you think kittens are cute?" "Do you like music?" "Are you sometimes happy and sometimes sad?" It feels like Facebook and people are searching for likes.

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