Ding ding, we have a winner.

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If people were more honest with what they really care about, there would be a lot less hypocrisy in this world.

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I always smile when I am driving south and see the sign for Paducah, KY. :)

What's more important, clearing up hypocrisy or keeping friends and family? Especially lately it's become one extreme vs the other extreme and you are prosecuted by the other side for your stance. Being open with your stance only seems to draw out people trying to make you feel like a terrible person without trying to understand what your stance is, like in your picture.

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can skunky pick up his award now, thanks.

I'm pretty sure the lives of one race don't matter more than the lives of other people.

The only result achieved by BLM is black people who have become radicalized and racist towards whites.

Yup - ALL lives matter.
Even yours McLie.

yes all lives matter, Obama bombs the shit out of Syria, of course their will be refugees, and a great deal of them will want revenge and or want to avenge the death of loved ones, want to end refugees? STOP BOMBING them, LGTB deserve to live yes, they don;t deserve the media attention though, if they really want to be like the rest of us they need to stop shoving their beliefs down our throats, but they deserve to live like anyone else, but yes the bible does say it is a sin to choose that lifestyle, well even though black people are minority, majority of crime is done in black communities, do cops go over the top? and shoot more then they should? yes they do, but they don;t discriminate they shoot more white people, government handing out stolen money solves NOTHING! only creates more problems, want to care for the homeless? donate to private charities that actually help homeless, I don;t agree with government handouts but that does NOT mean I don't care for the lives of these people, people are allowed to believe what they want in north america WITHOUT fear of death, too bad you lying liberals cannot see that, BLM is racist, is rediculous, and says only their lives matter, when fact is, everyone in north america is free, regardless of ****, race or orientation, too bad you liberals create problems where they don't exist only to have your 15 minutes of MEdia fame

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