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Although I voted for her, I would be just as upset with her as I am with Trump. But Hillary isn't president, Trump is. So we need to find out why he's doing all these crazy things. Bullying his Attorney General, Tillerson is threatening to quit, got rid of Sean Spicer, I'm sure his staff is wondering who will be next if they don't bow down to him. who else will Trump try to get rid of because they are getting too close to the truth, that he is in bed with Putin.

If she started doing that, people would say what people are saying about Trump.

  • she's corrupted, she's clearly hiding something, she's abusing her power to save her own skin.

And if you're okay with one doing it, but not okay with the other doing it, these gifs are my thoughts for you. Choose the one you like the best. Enjoy.
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lol, they wouldn;t be fired they would commit "suicide"

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