Does anyone else use ? I use it to see what crime is happening in my area, and where. I also recommend it to people looking for a new place to live. I get a report every few days for the area I picked and it gives me a lit of arrests and reported crimes in a specific area. I use it as a tool.

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Trainspotting is much more fun.

I always cause the biggest crashes. Da kriminal mastahmind who I iz.

That is an excellent idea. Thanks, Jim!

This looks like it'd be a great website but when I put my location in i got....

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It obviously doesn't have my neighbours up to date details lol

Our local paper used to list the weekly crimes for the area but they stopped that for PC reasons so I heard. Shame as it was really useful.

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Put in an address. Doesn't have to be your own. It could be a few houses away or a business address. It won't show you an entire city. You can adjust it to show the crime within 5 miles, or whatever you chose for distance from that address

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What city do you live in? I tried it for the small town I grew up in and nothing, but It shows a lot for Colorado Springs.


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