Drunk driving is on the rise in Canada. Are bars partly to blame?

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I don't think so. As some point people have to take responsibility for their own actions, like drinking too much. It's like the people who blame McDonald's for making them fat or a gun company for a criminal who shoots someone. If a few people go out to get smashed, they need to take a designated driver along.

No, though the whole concept of going to a bar is to have a drink or two away from home..

I disagree because going to a bar is not a crime. It becomes a crime when you have too many drinks and get behind the wheel. Like others have said, people need to be held accountable for their actions.

Sounds like another song to me:

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It's always someone else's fault. :)

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One of my favorite bars is right next door to a laundromat. My wife uses it for big stuff like comforters. I just use the bar. :)


There actually used to be a bar/laundromat in Saskatoon, SK called "Wash & Slosh" in the '90s and 2000s. It was EXTREMELY popular, but for some reason it closed down.

Hmmm, why the sudden increase would be my question.

@ozzyboy Hmmm, why the sudden increase would be my question.

I'd like to know, too... And here I thought more ppl were quitting drinking...

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Not really...they've been open until 2 AM for quite some time...

@Sukiesnow Not really...they've been open until 2 AM for quite some time...

Here in WI there have been grants of money given to towns and cities to increase police presence to crack down on drunk driving. Maybe they are doing something like that up there too. That doesn't mean there is actually more drunk driving. Just more people getting caught.

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Charming...as usual.

No. A person is responsible for their own actions. I do think the laws should be stricter on those driving drunk. Instead of just a slap on the wrist, maybe a long jail term.

No they're not. They even provide phones that are directly linked to cab companies, some bars have designated driver programs where someone gets a wrist band and gets free soft drinks, they urge people not to drive drunk, they don't serve people who are visibly intoxicated... this is like blaming Sobeys for making someone choke on their food, or blaming RONA for making someone injure themselves while working on a renovation.
After someone leaves the bar, it's their responsibility to get themselves home safely, and they're gonna do what they want to do. Things like expensive cab fares, or sporadic or non-existent bus schedules at night would make someone more inclined to drive drunk, if it's an expensive pain in the **** to get home. I've also heard of people getting accosted by the cops for sleeping inside their vehicles rather than driving home drunk.

Drinking is.))

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And probably anywhere in the world. :)

Some probably are. Bartenders might want to warn their customers that they won't be served if the customer's too tanked.

Yes & No because people chose to drink like they chose to smoke

No bars are not to blame the dumbass consuming to much and trying to drive afterwards is the one to blame.

I used to work with a woman that killed a single mother with two small kids because she was drinking and driving. People wanted to blame the bar for letting her leave. Nope she was an adult and made a choice she is the only one at fault.

no I blame liberals making canada a hell hole to live in, lol

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