According to the law...what you feel is irrelevant.

Image for post **According to the law...what you feel is irrelevant.**
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unless your in canada and have a dumb liberal leader

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Yes! That is terrible...and totally crazy.


That's annoying. lol

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In homicides, for example, what you feel has a lot of relevance. You get different sentences for what drove you to react the way you did. If you killed someone because you saw that person kill someone you love, the grief you were feeling plays a part in your actions. If you compare that to someone that killed someone because the other person flip them off or something, the latter killer is supposed to have a harsher sentence. If feelings were irrelevant, both cases would be considered the same, and they're not.

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I guess that's true in most cases, but not always. Like, for example, homicide. (Sofia and Bozette said it better than I can.)

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What I find difficult to judge at times is the relevance pertaining to respect: "But officer...he was disrespecting me!" How was he disrespecting you? "By the way he looked at me!"

I mean...how do you gauge something like that...

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You got good gifs...:)

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unless you speak against muslims, then you have broken a law and could be charged, at least in Canada that is how it is with our idiotic leader

As long as your feelings don't break the law, a bunch of kids once felt like the people they stared at from a tall building looked like ants, and they wanted to squish them by throwing tv's and armchairs

nope, now your feelings are starting to be protected by the law, well only if your liberals and muslim or gay, if your christian or jew or conservative to hell with your feelings lol. can say bad about christians or jews or conservatives but if you say the same against muslims or gay then it becomes a hate crime and you can be arrested

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