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I'm probably a throwback in this regard but it makes sense to me. The military is all about discipline and conformity.

Our military should be worried about the enemies and not have to deal with anyone's sexuality. You want to be in the military, don't ask and don't tell - no one would ever know.

Yes I do. It's a distraction the military doesn't need. Besides, they should be celebrating, if there's ever a draft, they're off the hook, I wonder how much they'd complain about not being allowed to serve then? Because, there may be a few trans people in the military, but most of them aren't in the military, and they probably don't want to be either. In fact, if there ever was a draft at some point in the future, I'll bet you'd see trans people everywhere.

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And certainly not for the ludicrous reason he gave.

The cost? Seriously?

He has no idea what it will cost. No one knows because the Pentagon was not done studying the issue.

There is only one study that has looked into this in any depth. In 2016 the Rand Corporation estimated it will cost the military an additional 3-8 million dollars a year.

It costs us 3.6 million every time Trump flies down to Mar a Lago. How many times has he gone since taking office?

If the budget is that tight he can stay home a few weekends and cover the cost.

No. If a transgender wants to serve his country...let him/her. That's more than Trump did. He was such a coward he wouldn't join up. I think they should ban Trump from the White House....impeach him.

Again, Trump is caught in another lie....only to get votes. Trump is despicable.

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There was NO war when Obama or Clinton was of the age to go into the military, but the Vietnam War was raging and Trump came up with a lame excuse.

Obama was a good president, a good husband and family man, there was never any scandals during his eight years in office, and Trump has had nothing but scandals during the 2-1/2 years he's been in office, and just this last week, another sexual scandal is brewing, because another woman has come forward. Trump is corrupt, and you know it.

You're right Clinton was impeached, that was a heavy price to pay. But Trump is corrupt through and through, just look at how many of his staff are now in prison.