Fragrance. Is using perfume or cologne good or bad?

More and more ppl seem to be allergic...yet when a fragrance can be perfect. I've returned a fragrance when someone close to me said it made them ill...but women - and men - love their scents... Should we be on guard for other people or not?

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Moderation is essential, but I think it's pleasent when done with care.

If the fragrance is nice but subtle, I like it. Not crazy about about strong or overpowering scents though.

I love perfume and I wear it every day, but I don't drown myself in it. Plus I love a nice smelling after shave for men. I love good smells.

I like perfume and have used it sparingly all my adult life.

I don't use it myself and some men stink like crazy from applying too much. I like a nice flowery perfume on a woman. Just use a little people.

I'd rather breathe the fresh, clean scent on someone than most other sources.

It is good

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