Why do you give compliments?

Do you compliment people expecting compliments back? Do you compliment people only to get into their pants and get pissed when they don't play along? Do you just compliment people because it's what you think and that's it? Or is there any other reason?

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If I think something is nice, I tell it in a respectful way. It's not a game, there's no hiding meaning behind it. It's just what I think.

If I tell a shirt looks amazing on you, I'm not expecting you to say my shirt looks amazing on me or to act modest. Why do people get annoyed if someone gives a compliment and the other person responds with confidence? That doesn't make sense to me.

I get awkward receiving compliments, but I have no issue if others react better than me. I wish I could do the same.

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Yup, agreed.

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Being polite is polite.

Because I know how much the ones I perceive as genuine have always meant to me, I guess. Or maybe it's just because I've always had an impulse to tell other people, when they I think they are especially deserving of any kind of praise.

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I give compliments because it makes people feel good. I would prefer if it isnt returned.

I like noticing people and telling them positive things about themselves...

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I like to make people feel better

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If I like someone and there's something exceptional about them I will compliment them if the situation presents itself, but it's never done for any expected reward.

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Better that than being rude.

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I know. Just comparing.))

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You definitely are to some people. Just like not white lieing in the oportune moments.

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Theres no requirement for anything. The point is that someone perceives it to be rude. There is no ultimate book of rude things. just the way we percieve things.

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I dont think its rude at all. But i also know that just because i dont doesnt mean that someone else doesn't think its rude. See what im saying? What is rude is subjective. If i go to Japan suddenly what is "rude" will entirely change.

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Seriously. WTF is wrong with people on this site? If you have a problem with my reasoning point it out and have a dialogue. Everyone is so content living in their own world and freak out if they are questioned on anything they say or do. If you don't like "what" I say explain it but don't dismiss someone else's point of view and start assuming positions or of how convinced I am. That was some kindergarten shit right there.

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If I see something that I like or what someone has said, I will compliment them. And I don't expect a compliment back.

I give compliments based on accomplishments, not looks usually. I admire good work and hard working people. Looks is not necessarily an accomplishment. I also try to be aware of others around who may be hurt when someone gets a compliment and they don't. "what am I, chopped liver?"
is the old response to someone else getting a compliment.

Because I'm trying to bed them. hehe smilie

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Being recognized for any nice quality is usually reassuring.

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I don't give a lot of compliments, sometimes i want to but it just stays in my head..

Maybe because i think someone will feel the need to give me one back..

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I give compliments to people because I want them to feel good, to know that someone cares, and to know that they are appreciated and thought of. I honestly never want anyone to ever have feelings like i have felt before.

No I never expect one in return, I think that is silly. Something that makes me happy is making others smile and be happy and that is all that matters to me.


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