That moment when you think you're going to sneeze...but you don't.

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I can feel you almost sneezing.

I didn't ask for these powers.

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That sometimes works for me.


Wasn't even thinking about that!hehe smilie That always helps.

I do that, too.

It's a weird feeling. lol

Makes the inside of my nose tingle in an uncomfortable way.

I don't usually have a problem there. My problem is sneezing while I'm driving. I can't keep my eyes open and it invariably happens when I'm going into a turn. :)

Hate it.
Just let me sneeze!

@Sofia Hate it. Just let me sneeze!

Worse is when you do sneeze, then you still continue with the feeling that you're going to sneeze.
Dammit, nose, decide yourself!

That's a strange feeling.

I usually hold my nose and hum in my deepest voice. The vibration usually brings the sneeze right on out.

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