Tourists who drink alcohol in Mexico croak. The government complains because tax has not been paid on the alcohol.

Why Tourists Are Blacking Out in MexicoThe U.S. State Department has warned tourists visiting Mexico
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It was on the news yesterday, but I believe it happens some months ago. Mexico isn't a safe place for USA residents, they are kidnapped or worse often. That is probably one of many reasons why nobody wants to live in that country. They treat tourists terribly even if that brings them money to live better lives - think how badly they treat each other

I have no plans to go to Mexico, I've heard the water will kill you too. lol

Montezuma's Revenge is what it's called. lol

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I've never wanted to go there.... not even on a cruise.

I can't find a date stamp for this story. The link to the State Department has no such warning since 2016. More info:

I'll stay away from Mexico...

This is what happens when you don't know how to make alcohol. These idiots probably make it wrong and it has a high methanol content.

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