"Nothing good happens after midnight," my mother used to say. Was she right?

Do you have any other cute tidbits of advice...or really, was my mom right...in her own way.

Image for post **"Nothing good happens after midnight,"** my mother used to say. //Was she right?//
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Whenever she said that I would stand still for a sec...and think a bit about it... Like, wha..?

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Yes..the night is almost over so you let your guard down...then they pounce...with the Talk.

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Christmas will be here soon...ha.

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5 months, hon. smirk2 smilie

Lots of good things happen at my house after midnight....lol

Such good advice for a teenager.....
So untrue.

Depends on who you are with and what you are doing. I have some pretty good memories of things that happened after midnight.

As far as your mother goes, I guess that depends on your father. :) My mom used to say, "Manners go a long way, and they don't cost a penny." I know they do with me.

Ultimately, tomorrow happens, and tomorrow can be good.smile smilie

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As a crazed drummer that finishes at 1am on most Saturday nights, I have to disagree with your mommy.

A walk through any of the crime-ridden cities in most countries will support that assumption hands down ;).

Good happenings are not constricted to a specific time frame.

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The best things happen after midnight

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I can make good stuff happen 24 hours...I have no time limit


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