Are fire pits safe? I wonder about this...but everyone seems to trip merrily along.

Image for post **Are fire pits safe?** //I wonder about this...but everyone seems to trip merrily along.//
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How can you not love a fire pit?
They are as safe as the people using them.

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I don't have one, but I think they're great.

We have a fire pit we have been using for years at the farm. A couple words of caution with them. If the wind is blowing, there will be hot embers that can start fires. There is a screen that covers the fire. Use it. I never leave the fire unattended. The last thing I want to do is burn down the entire river bottom. Have a large bucket of water handy to douse the fire and make sure it is out when calling it a night or if the wind comes up.
Nothing better than a nice fire in a safe container surrounded by friends roasting brats or hotdogs while drinking a beer and telling lies.

If it's built and used properly, it should be safe and enjoyable.

Yes. Like anything else common sense needs to be present and accounted for. 🤔

Don't fire the pit. Devil made me do it.

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World of Warcraft? These are not the orcs you are searching for.


It's all about the Collective...

Lets burn em! 乂^◡^乂

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