Have you ever heard of Rancid and/or Dropkick Murphys ?

Just wondering if these are supposed to be real musicians or not -I am sitting in my office at home 5 miles away from the stage , all the windows are closed but still I am bombed with music just drums and other horrible sounds. It is pouring rain and I smile because I wish these stupid concerts in my town would be gone forever..

57% yes 43% No 0% Other
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I've heard of Dropkick Murphys. I like some of their songs, but I don't listen to them frequently.

I thought they were selling previously owned coffins.


I have not.

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Wow that sounds like what I heard the yelling and drums but not the nice irish flutes or whatever that was. Can't believe you know of it. Must be done now as I am hearing it no more. Thanks nm

Thanks trooper I don't think you are missing a thing yawn smilie

Can't say that i have..

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